Innovative projects for a sustainable future

Sviluppo di nuove tecnologie per l’allevamento industriale di insetti.

Development of new technologies for industrial insect rearing

Design of turnkey systems for the production of Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia Illucens) and other insects.


Insect Technologies

The main objective of Kour Energy is to obtain high-value products from Black Soldier Fly (BSF) reared on retail organic materials and HORECA. Insects to valorise organic waste from ROW
Specifically, the main activities are the mass breeding of insects on organic waste through the optimization of the pilot plant,  project and implementation of a phase for the treatment and stabilization of insects in order to extract proteins and lipids from insects raised on organic waste with a chemical / physical approach. The extraction the process will be developed on a small scale and then expanded with the creation of a prototype. See the website

Our successes

Strategic projects

Participation in the regional project Valoribio (POR-FESR 2014-2020), ended in 2018, for the design of an automatic system for rearing BSF larvae on chicken manure. Ultimate goal of the project was to obtain bioplastics as the final result of the process.

Application for two patents for innovative technologies in BSF rearing

Participation in the European project SCALIBUR (EU Innovation Action), Horizon 2020 programme, ending in 2022.
Design of a pilot plant for the efficient conversion of organic waste (HORECA) into valuable materials, by means of BSF larvae rearing.

Design and development of a plant for the industrial rearing of crickets, in collaboration and for Nutrinsect Srl