Kour Energy Afrique

Exporting Italian technology towards emerging countries

Supply of technological components and spare parts for industrial plants.
Direct presence in Wester Africa since 2015, thanks to our Dakar branch (Senegal).

Kour Energy Afrique

Sustainable Industrial Development

Kour Energy Afrique was born with the objective of fostering sustainable development in African countries and promoting collaboration between several parties. Doing this on a national and international level will benefit both local territories and the global market.

We are specialised in a complete set of services: consultancy, engineering and supply in the field of industrial automation, including plant revamping and energy efficiency. Our strength resides in a multidisciplinary approach, able to answer specific local needs.

Thanks to our know-how we are a reference point for industrial players in Western Africa who are looking for state-of-the-art technological solutions, in an area which is now undergoing a strong economic growth.

On the Italian side, we offer ourselves as a point of contact for producers and suppliers of technical material, engineering companies and any other entities with the interest of developing their business in the African market. Our intention is to value and transfer technologies and expertise.

Following our main skills, in Africa we mainly deal with mechanical plants and process control for agri-food, environment and energy industries.

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Supply of refurbished plant and machinery
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Supply of forget fitting, flanges and special pieces