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Professionals in the field of technology and industrial plants, we are committed to spend our expertise in the vision of a sustainable future.

Kour Energy

Energy and Development

Giulia Ferrari - CEO
Giulia Ferrari, born in 1992, has been involved in the development of the company since the very beginning, being now its main responsible.
Thanks to her skills in administration, she manages the Italian branch from a logistic point of view.
Agnese Benassi COO - Kour Energy Afrique
Agnese Benassi, born in 1992, has a degree in International Development and Cooperation from the University of Bologna.
After a number of experiences abroad, she joined Kour Energy’s team in 2015.
Agnese collaborated to the development of the Dakar branch, becoming its administrator.
Thanks to her language and relationship skills, she manages our international clients.
She is responsible for our missions abroad, logistics and participation in tenders and drafting of language dossiers, offers and contracts, participation in events and fairs and management of partnerships with foreign companies.
Eng. Marco Benassi – Technical Director
Marco Benassi, born in 1956, has a degree in Electronic Engineering, from the University of Bologna.
During his rich professional career he was President of the Cooperative of the Electronic Engineers in Reggio Emilia, Technical Consultant for the Barilla group (Parma), CEO and R&D Director for Euroelettra Sistemi Spa (Reggio Emilia), in which he led complex technical projects in the fields of automation for ceramics manufacturing (Omac), industrial automation (Emerson), electronics (Alter Spa) and energy (Enel).
He has a strong international work experience: Libya, Algeria, China, Iran, Iraq.
In Kour Energy he is the technical director, managing industrial projects, technical tenders and consultancy.
Eng. Federico Fontana – R&R
Federico Fontana, 1991, has a degree in Energy Engineering from the University of Bologna.
Passionate about the field of industrial plants, with a focus on energy and the environment, he worked in the UK with the Veolia group for two years, growing a strong experience in operations and technical management.
Upon his return to Italy, he joined Kour Energy with aim of managing and developing the activities related to insect rearing technologies, in a vision of sustainability and circular economy.
He is currently the technical point of reference for the SCALIBUR project.
Giovanni Andrea Ferrari – Business Consultant
Giovanni Andrea Ferrari – Business Consultant

Giovanni Andrea Ferrari, 1965, has an accounting background from the “Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Scaruffi” in Reggio Emilia.
He has been a member of the Register of Financial Advisors since 1992 and a member of the Register of Insurance Agents (RUI, Ivass, section A) since 2011.
He filled several administrator roles in public entities with elected office.
He also developed specific expertise in the field of renewable energies, with a focus on biogas plants. He has management experience in Germany, Czech Republic and Tunisia.
In Kour Energy he is responsible for administration and business development.

Dr. Giacomo Benassi PhD – Technical Consultant
Giacomo Benassi, 1986, has a degree in Innovative Materials Science and Technology from the University of Parma.
In 2014, at the end of his PhD studies at CNR in Parma, he decided to launch a technological start-up company with a university colleague.
Excited about applied sciences and innovation, he worked in important research projects in the fields of materials physics and circular economy.
He develops innovative solutions for the mass rearing of insects since 2015, in collaboration with Kour Energy and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
He is currently a technical consultant for the European project SCALIBUR.


In accordance with the provisions of art. 1, paragraph 125, of the Italian law 124/2017, about the obligation of giving evidence, on their internet websites, of the sums of money received in the forms of grants, contributions, remunerated assignments, and other forms of financial benefits of any kind, by public administrations and other subjects as of paragraph 125 of the previously cited article, the company states that: with regards to the project named Scalibur scalibur.eu, of which the company is partner, the company will receive from the EU a non-repayable grant for the whole duration of the project itself, from 1st of November 2018 to 31st of October 2022; the company is carrying out an institutional research project on behalf of Unimore, named “Una bioraffineria per il caffè torrefatto esausto: frazionamento dei fondi del caffè”. For this project the company receives a financial contribution for the participation to the research project itself.